Power Vision 3: How to get a PV_info file


In order for us to accurately troubleshoot any technical issues with your Power Vision 3 fuel tuner, we'll need 3 files from you: your PV_info.txt file, your .STK (Stock) file, and your .DJT (Dynojet) file. Please follow the instructions below to access these files:

PV_Info.txt File Instructions

  1. Plug your Power Vision into your vehicle.
  2. Turn the key on and the engine to the run position - but do not start.
  3. After a few seconds, turn the key off.
  4. Take your Power Vision back to your computer and plug it in via USB.
  5. In your file explorer, click on the folder or drive called "POWERVISON".
  6. Click on the folder titled "PV_Info" and locate the "PV_Info.txt" file. This file contains information about your particular PV device as well as your vehicle.


.STK and .DJT File Instructions

Now that you have your PV_Info.txt file, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Dynojet.com and click on Tunes in the header.
  2. Click the black button which reads "Click here to download the Power Vision 3 or CX Tunes"
  3. Upload your PV_Info.txt file, enter your email address and click the Submit button. This will display the available .stk and .djt files for download.Screen_Shot_2020-09-24_at_8.19.53_AM.png
  4. Click on each file name to download to your computer. 
  5. Now all 3 files on your computer. Use our Support Form to send us these files as an attachment (or if you are already emailing with a support rep, attach these files in your email).

Please note that most of these steps are available to see in our How to Get a Tune video below!

For additional Power Vision 3 resources -- including manuals, software downloads, and firmware downloads, please visit our Downloads Center. And if you need additional help, please feel free to contact us.

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