Power Vision: Fixing Decel Pop if Exhaust is Popping


If your exhaust is popping when you let off the throttle and decelerate, learn how to use Dynojet's Power Vision fuel tuner to reduce decel popping on your Harley-Davidson. Use the built-in PV feature, Quick Tune, to increase your fuel and spark timing for deceleration. 

The beauty of using Quick Tune is you do not need to know the area of the tables to adjust - Quick Tune makes that decision for you. There are limits to the changes you can make with Quick Tune to keep you from going too far. We suggest starting with a +5 to fuel, +3 to Spark.  https://www.dynojet.com/power-vision/  

Please visit our Downloads Center and locate the "Power Vision Tuning Guides - Fixing Decel Pop" link under Troubleshooting Guides for complete instructions.

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