"My tune compat and checksum in my pv_info.txt file both show ffffffff."


We see this when the ECU has failed being flashed and is in recovery mode, or when the PV_INFO has not been re-created since receiving the device. 

 The workflow to troubleshoot this problem is:

  • Does the vehicle currently start?

YES : Turn key on, connect PVCX, wait for RPM gauge to show zero, then re-create the PVINFO file (Device Tools-> Settings -> About -> Pencil(top button)

NO: Flash the ECU with the original STK file that was read from the ECU. Upon completion, key-cycle vehicle, wait for RPM gauge to show zero, and re-create the PVINFO file(process is above).

If this does not fix it, please email pvcxtech@dynojet.com with stated issue.

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