Power Core for Power Vision 3 File Types and Extensions


Power Core software has its own unique set of files and file extensions. This document is intended to explain what these files are, how they can be used and how to identify them by the file extension. 

  • Stock Tune Files (.stk)

    An “stk” file or “stock tune file” is used for two primary purposes.
    1. To set or restore the tuning table values and functionality of a vehicle back to the stock condition.
      By flashing the stk file, you can restore a vehicle’s ECU to its original state. This can be helpful if you intend to operate the vehicle where emissions regulations and other laws apply.

To serve as a base reference for tuning.
A stock tune probably won’t deliver the most horsepower, but it can serve as a good starting place for achieving that goal. If you wish to compare your tune to the stock vehicle tune, then you can do so in the C3 Tuning Software window by opening your tune file, right-clicking on it in the Documents viewer and selecting “Compare to Stock”.

  • Dynojet Tune Files (.djt)

    A “djt” or “Dynojet tune file” is used to apply tuning changes to a vehicle’s ECU.
    Once you've opened a .stk file, which can be read from the diagnostic port on certain applications, while others require you to download from our website, you can begin modifying the tuning tables and functionality that Dynojet engineers have discovered and exposed for your vehicle. These modifications can be made in the Power Core C3 Tuning Software window. Once you are ready to apply and test your changes, you can save the changes as a .djt file. This new .djt file can then be saved onto your Power Vision device and flashed into your vehicle’s ECU.
  • Dynojet Tune Package (.dtp)

    A “dtp” or “Dynojet template file” defines the memory from the ECU. It puts the memory, aka tune, in a format to clearly outline the various tables and tuning variables that are able to be edited in C3.

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