Data Logging on the Power Vision CX


The Power Vision CX is capable of several minutes of logged data from an ECU that has been flashed with a Dynojet Tune File (DJT). For example, logging data from an Indian Chief ECU has a maximum length of about 15 minutes. Not all ECUs have the same channels and the same sample rate so you may find that your max logging duration may be shorter or longer than 15 minutes.  While the gauges on the device are limited to only a select few channels from the ECU, data logging allows you to monitor ALL of the supported channels from the ECU. When paired with the Wideband CX accessory, data logging also allows you to log Air Fuel Ratio in addition to all of the ECU channels.

To begin logging, simply press the middle button on the left side of the device. Logging can be stopped by either pressing the middle button again or by pressing the top button, which will also enter the Main Menu screen. If a log has reached its maximum length, logging will be terminated automatically. Note that logging is not supported while the device is plugged into a PC via USB.

All logs can be viewed in Dynojet’s Data Center application in Power Core software. To open the log, plug the device into your PC via USB and navigate to the device file system on your computer. This is commonly the “E:/” drive. Double click on any of your CXL log files and they will automatically open up in the Data Center application for analysis. It is recommended that you move the log files from the device to a folder on your computer to free up space on the device for more logs and tune files.

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