Can I run 3 different tunes with the Active Power Mode Switch?


The Dynojet Active Power Mode Switch does not allow the end user to run 3 completely separate tunes. Instead, the switch enables on the fly adjustment to the commanded throttle tables (Drive By Wire Mode Tables). These tables are contained within only one tune – and the single tune is flashed to the vehicle.
Each tune can be customized by the owner to create the throttle feel they prefer in each mode. As delivered from Dynojet, Mode A provides a take no prisoners feel for maximum power. Mode B showcases a more docile nature and does not result in an aggressive feeling link between throttle pedal and the tires. Mode C is very tame and is ideal for new drivers or fleet/rental vehicles where safety is paramount; the more limited performance of Mode C meets these needs.
All other tuning tables such as timing, fueling, speed/rev limits, boost levels, etc. all remain the same even when toggling between the active modes.

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