What benefits will I see when installing a PVCX on a stock vehicle?


Tuning of a Powersports vehicle includes more than inserting fueling or timing alterations to accommodate aftermarket performance goodies. While adding a set of pipes, a different intake, or hard parts changes nearly necessitate the use of a fuel controller or reflash device to obtain the most out of your investments, there are plenty of fringe benefits when installing the PVCX on a stock vehicle.

Most bikes, or ORV’s, contain throttle mechanisms where there is no cable connecting the twist grip/pedal to the actual throttle body—the PVCX can alter how the throttle blades respond to driver input. The PVCX can smooth out throttle inputs which make the ride jumpy in rock crawling situations, or the tune can be constructed to make the response more linear/more aggressive. Along with this, ORV’s may not permit the driver to use one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake to prevent unintended belt wear, but when descending long hills drivers commonly drive with two feet to keep the belt engaged while braking, or drift/slide into turns while racing.

Some drivers might prefer that the cooling fans turn on at a lower temperature to keep the engine running cooler—the PVCX enables the user to alter these turn on/turn off points as well.

Of course, along with these fringe benefits which make your vehicle more drivable to meet your specific style, the PVCX can increase power substantially on rigs where the factory programming isn’t quite dialed in, if you operate at high elevations, or have a factory turbocharged ride. The PVCX can assist in delivering more performance in all of these cases.

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