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    Michael Schumm

    I have a 06 HD FXDBI and get installed the power vision and im looking at getting the upgrade for it just not sure if i should get the target tune or the auto tune pro and you help explain what would be better and why please

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    You would need the Auto Tune Pro. The Target Tune only works with vehicles that have stock O2 sensors. 

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    TJ Martin

    I recently purchased a Power Commander 5 model 17-006. I have a 2016 Kawasaki Voyager and thought this would fit this bike. My bike has an O2 sensor, will this model PCV work? Should I disconnect the O2 sensor? Is there an upgrade to make it work? Thank you

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    Abdulla Alhammadi



    I have turbo Hayabusa powerplant in a race car. Controlled by MoTeC PDM and M150 ECU. I disconnected the internal OEM stator and the OEM Regulator/Rectifier because I have an external belt driven automotive denso alternator outputting 150 amp. Everything works good but now my newest mod is to upgrade my OEM ignition to a custom fit OEM GTR or Audi R8 coils and these will be controlled by MoTeC M150 ECU.


    That said, I'm opting for a better crankshaft pickup/trigger (i.e. Dyna 4000). With my current setup and intended upgrade (Audi R8 or GTR coils), which Dyna 4000 option and accessories would be the most compatible? it's a long list of options and I don't think I would be needing all of these options and accessories with my current setup and intended. Please advice me on all possibilities.


    Many thanks,



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