How can I activate my launch RPM limiter?

You must have a programmable DFS ignition and programming kit to perform this modification. You will also require a clutch switch or button. NOTE: Not all programmable units have this function. Refer to your installation guide to see if your ignition supports this feature. Most units have a 2000 RPM limit.
The launch limit function is activated by grounding the appropriate wire on the ignition. Refer to the installation guide for the wire color. This wire needs to attach to one side of the clutch switch and the other to a good chassis ground or battery negative post (best). The RPM at which you want to launch will need to be programmed into the ignition with the programming kit. Once set, when the clutch lever is pulled in and the throttle opened fully, the RPM will be held at the setting programmed. When released, the normal high sides limit will then become active. NOTE: The launch limit is only active one time per ignition cycle. To reactivate, turn the ignition off, and then restart.
Raptor 700 models with programmable ignition- The default RPM (without any programming) is 4500RPM. Ground the purple wire to the clutch switch black/ yellow wire. This is a single time use only function. Cycle the ignition off/on to reactivate. If the motor is in neutral, launch limiter will remain active.
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