Power Vision Failing to Marry / Flash / Read ECM


If you are running into issues marrying a Power Vision (PV) to an ECM, having trouble flashing an ECM or cannot seem to read an ECM, there are several possible reasons.

First, check the basics:

  • Be certain the PV vehicle interface is connected correctly and completely to the Diagnostic Port of the bike.  These are the same gray color as the plug of the Vehicle Interface cable that gets plugged into it.
  • Be certain that the ignition is ON and the run/stop switch is in the RUN position. If not, you will see “ECU NOT DETECTED”.
  • Be certain that the bike's battery is functioning properly and fully charged.

A fairly common error customers run into when attempting to marry/flash/read is the message “FAIL TO UNLOCK”.  When this exact message is seen, quite frequently it is found that the ECM has last been flashed with the TTS MasterTune product.  That is the ONLY product on the market that locks out all other tuning products.  In order to use the PV on a bike that has been locked by the TTS MasterTune product, the ECM will either have to be unlocked with another TTS MasterTune “dongle”, or the ECM would need to be replaced.  Unfortunately, not even Harley-Davidson can communicate with an ECM locked by this product. 

The other most common reason for issues with marrying/flashing/reading is an interruption in the communication between the PV and the ECM.  This is commonly caused by electrical and electronic components that may be using power or also attempting ECM communication.  These can include ANY electrical or electronic component that has been added to or changed on the motorcycle.  Some, but not all of these components include:

  • Aftermarket/Digital gauges of any kind…  Even those branded with the Harley-Davidson or Screamin’ Eagle logo
  • Lights
  • Stereos, speakers or amplifiers
  • Oil coolers and Jug fans
  • Different or extended handlebars on a bike with an electronic throttle

In the majority of these cases, if the fuse for the device is pulled or the device itself is disconnected from the system, the PV will be able to marry/flash/read as normal. 

Lastly, check for other “piggyback” devices in the bike, like a Power Commander.  These devices would need to be disconnected and the stock wiring harness returned to its correct connections before proceeding.  Even if a Power Commander is needed to control fuel and ignition for a boosted application, this will NEED to be disconnected for the flash itself.

For additional Power Vision for Harley-Davidson resources -- including manuals, software downloads, and firmware downloads, please visit our Downloads Center. And if you need additional help, please feel free to contact us.



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