How to change units in PowerCore


To change units from the Application Launcher in PowerCore, Access Tools > Options and select the Channels tab. This will expose all possible channels to set the desired units. Select the channel from the left pane, and place a check mark next to the desired unit from the pane on the right.

Conversations between tuners and customers or tech support can become occluded when referencing the various units for each parameter. Temperature can be referenced in Fahrenheit or Celsius, speed in KPH or MPH, but the most common cause of confusion is the Pressure unit since it is used within many tuning tables.

PowerCore’s default pressure unit is Inches of Mercury, but most users like to change this to what they’re most comfortable describing or utilizing in tune creation.

Syncing of unit type is valuable in the case of needing to provide a customer with a transfer function of a new sensor they’ve installed where we already know the values for Slope and Offset such as swapping to our 48100001 - MAP Sensor,3-BAR,W/IAT. If they are provided values to enter in these cells, they must do so with the same units for pressure selected within their PowerCore – and then can switch back to their preferred after entering the values. For reference, the MAP sensor’s transfer function requires a Slope = 9.560027 PSI/Volt and an Offset = -0.92002

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