How to Zero out changes between tunes


Often times it is requested of the techs to deliver a tune which is compatible with an alternate stock file compat/checksum, especially in the TS111 line where Dynojet has collected over 30 different checksums for the same TS111 engine throughout the various years. This manifests itself as a customer identifying a tune as 29002306 but his read stock file does not contain the proper checksum (0FF398FD vs 971A4C7C) but still within the same A7D0 compat.

When this occurs, a quick changeover can be made using PowerCore software to accommodate their request. To do so:

  • Open the customer’s stock file in C3.
  • Then, open the tune he desires to be converted to also in C3.
  • Once both documents open, left click on the stock file to select it.
  • From the compare tab in SW, click on Compare tunes with the left file as the STK and the Right file as the desired tune.
    1. The comparison document will BOLD any table/folder set itemizing differences between the two files.
  • Click on each table in bold, highlight the entire table data, and enter a 0 to “Zero out the compare.”
    1. This may also require axes changes.
  • Once complete, copy the notes from the tune, alter the Compat/Checksum line within the tune notes, and resave as a DJT to deliver to the customer.
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