Power Commander III: My throttle position in the Control Center software is not reading 0%


When the engine is fully warmed up and the bike is at idle, the Control Center software should read 0%. We have seen as high as an 8% variation in the throttle position from bike to bike. If yours is not reading “zero” at idle with the motor at normal temperature, then use the following procedure to correct it.

  1. In the Power Commander Control Center Software, go to Menu > Power Commander Tools and look for the tool to calibrate the throttle. The bike should always be running when setting the throttle position, as the voltage the sensor sends out can vary between when the bike is at “key on” and “motoring running”. The bike also needs to be at fully warmed up to its normal operating temperature.
  2. All you need to do is press "reset" while the bike running at idle, then quickly turn the throttle wide open till you hit the mechanical stop, then let go.
  3. Next press "Ok". You don't have to rev the bike out, the throttle just needs to go all the way to wide open and then back to idle.

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