Power Commander V: Map Switch Feature



In the Power Commander V fuel tuner, the map switch feature allows maps to be switched between two different maps on the fly while riding the bike. Any single position open/closed switch can be used to trigger the change

The two wires from the switch are inserted into the Power commander terminal block in either position 1 & 2 or 2&3

The map switch feature only works when the Power Commander is powered up through its harness that connects to the bike.

When connected to the USB cable only the map switching feature is not active and will not change the maps.

When connected to the Control Center Software and maps are switched the software screen map grid does not change automatically.  The map is changed internally in the Power Commanders memory, and this is displayed by the current map number changing from position 1 to 2 or 2 to 1, but switching maps does not automatically refresh or change the map grid displayed on the software screen to the new map. If you want to see the new map after switching you must click the” get map”  button to refresh the screen and view the new map.

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